Creating Posts in WordPress


  1. Login to your wordpress website.
  2. On the left hand side of your dashboard you will find “Posts” Left click it once, this will display more options.
  3. Left click once on “Add New”, this will take you to the next page where you can edit your post to make it display what you want it to.
  4. Entry Title in the area above the Editor
  5. Add your Content in Visual editor or Text editor(you will need to understand HTML to use text mode), These can be changed top right above the editor .
  6. Click Add Media if you want to add photo’s to your posts (This will be covered at a later date).
  7. On the right hand side you will notice Publish, this is your Options to publish your post, Status: Draft, Visibility: Publicimmediately. These can be changed for example Status can be changed to Pending Review, you would use this in the event of a post needing to be approved by admins of your website (if that isn’t yourself).
  8. To Preview your current post, Left Click “Save Draft” and then Left Click “Preview” this will display your post in a new tab/window so you can review what it will look like.
  9. Categories – can be used to allow visitors to your website the option to view all posts that come under that 1 category. eg. if this page had a Category it could be Tutorials.
  10. Next is to give your posts some Tags (Optional) this will give your customers/visitors more search definition within your  website when looking for something specific.
  11. When your happy with what you have done, Left Click “Publish” to add this post to your website.
  12. Some options in the below video aren’t always available when you will be posting posts to your website.

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